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Stamped Concrete

While a lot of home owners are installing wood decks, they’re also finding that concrete deck work is maintenance free. As concrete patios are very popular, a lot of design shows are showing various landscaping techniques with stamped concrete.

Concrete is also growing in popularity because when you use concrete pavers and natural stone, the look can be very elegant and the possibilities are endless. If you’ve thought about landscaping work in your front and back yard, your driveway and walking areas, let us know and we can show you various design styles and sample work to consider.

Because poured concrete is one of the most decorative ways to design your outdoor space, homeowners know it will add value to their home and is also cost saving as it’s not only sturdy, but it’s relatively maintenance free.

At MRM Home Remodeling and Construction, we know that concrete patios and walkways can blend your home’s interior with your home’s exterior spaces. Spaced concrete is the perfect way to carry your design ideas outside and with so many decorative options, the possibilities are limitless! With design ideas like fire pits, outdoor kitchens, water fountains, outdoor living rooms, pool and gazebo walkways and advanced landscaping features, there are so many options to consider.

They also come in different colors to match your home and these flooring surfaces are perfect for landscaping ideas in popular materials like slate, tile, flagstone or brick.

In terms of the added value to your home, concrete is generally cheaper than wood because there’s less labor intensive work that’s needed. With the decrease in costs, this can help you to consider the perfect outdoor space that you always dreamed of! When you’re ready to start your plans, let us know!

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