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If you are thinking about landscaping in your exterior space, consider pavers. One of the benefits to having pavers installed is they can give you a concrete sitting area that’s concrete and very functional for outdoor entertaining. You can also pick the color of the pavers to carry a stone look from inside the home to your outside sitting area.

Pavers are used for landscaping, outdoor dining, steps to a gazebo or walking path, and as solid paving for your pool area or backyard space.

Maybe you’ve watched a few design shows and you’ve fallen in love with showcased outdoor living spaces. This takes your designs to another level! Not only can you have an outdoor living room, but you can have an outdoor kitchen and enjoy relaxing times entertaining your friends and family.

Paver styles can include:

  • Devonstone Slab: Quarried stone, these are just right for larger spaces like a fire pit 0r pool area and you can pick colors like brownstone, bluestone or green slate.
  • Permeable Pavers: Perfect for walkways, these are specially made to be environmentally friendly and let rain water be reabsorbed back into the earth.
  • Conventry Pavers: Large weathered stones, these are great for outlining steps and outdoor balconies.
  • Standard Pavers: Ultra smooth, these are perfect for outdoor dining, pool areas and walkways.

Having your dream home is an investment and one of the best ways to increase your home’s value is to consider changes that will serve as upgrades to existing areas. Not only can pavers increase our home’s value, but when used to landscape the external space, they are perfect for outdoor entertaining. When you’re ready to discuss installing pavers, let MRM Home Remodeling and Construction help you.

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