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Basement Renovations and Remodeling

Is your family getting bigger while your home feels smaller? Are you ready to finish your basement or fix your foundation problems? These are all great reasons to complete a basement renovation. A finished basement can increase the value to your home and by finishing your basement or installing sheet rock or tiles, this can help to give you more space that you could probably use.

Home owners with finished basements usually do a lot of entertaining from their basements and they may even add a custom made entertainment center or increase the storage in their basement. You may even want to add a room to your basement for an elderly relative, or you might want to rent out your basement space for additional income. By finishing the space or upgrading from an older style, this can give you more space for your entire family. Basements can also serve as an additional bedroom space, a laundry room area, a workout room or a home office.

If you consider the fact that basements are usually about one-third of your home’s space, then you can start to see how much space you can have if it’s remodeled.

You may need to Contact us right away

  • If you’re concerned about water damage, this is another reason to have your basement checked. Give us a call so we can take a look at it and provide you some options.
  • If you suspect you have foundation problems or you’re finding leaks and seeing signs of weather damage, you don’t want to have to deal with the costly effects of mold.

At MRM Home Remodeling and Construction, we want to see you make great use of your basement space. With a basement remodeling project, it almost pays for itself. Not only will you increase your usage space, but your cooling and heating loads are relatively low for basement spaces. When you’re ready to discuss your expansion ideas, let us know.

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