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More than just a Home Improvement Service Contractor

We, at MRM Home Remodeling and Construction, go beyond of simply providing services as a regular Home Improvement Service Contractor. Focusing on Customer Service, we strive to provide the highest level of quality workmanship at affordable prices. As you can see below, our services include Custom Kitchen Remodeling, Custom Bath Remodeling, Basement Renovations, Stamped Concrete, Pavers, or Custom Home Additions, and much more!
As a professional remodeling contractor service, our services also include repairs and installation work for your home’s interior and exterior. From basic improvements to waterproofing basements and outdoor projects, our commitment is to help you complete the projects you need on your budget and timeline.

No project is too big or too small for us and we can’t wait to go to work for you! Get in touch with us today!

Custom Kitchens and Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen is sometimes seen as the heart of the home and no other room functions like it. It’s the hub of your home, the place where the kids gather and friends and family come together for a bite to eat. As a kitchen should also be multifunctional, this space has evolved over time to become not just a general place where you cook your meals, but modern kitchens are now versatile rooms where experiences are shared, memories are made and family time is shared.

If you’re thinking about starting a remodeling project, consider that a new kitchen design should have a combination of functionality and your own personal preferences. Modern kitchens can also combine dining room space, a home office and other shared areas. That’s why whether you’re thinking about a new refrigerator, oven, countertop or cabinetry, and other components; we’re here to help you consider various renovation options that will help with functionality, preferences and your budget.

Let us help you make the space relaxing, a sanctuary and something that will help to meet the needs of your whole family. Not sure where to begin? Let us help…

Not sure where to begin?

  • It may be that you just want to change your cabinets and countertop or you want to add a cooking station.
  • You may also want a gut renovation because the previous owner’s style is outdated.
  • We can turn your kitchen dream into a reality. Say goodbye to that old kitchen!

From concept to completion, MRM Home Remodeling & Construction can give you the kitchen of your dreams, one your family will enjoy and one that will increase your home’s value and your investment. Contact us today for a FREE Consultation!

Custom Bathrooms and Bathroom Remodeling

While your bathroom might be one of the smaller rooms of your home, having a high quality bathroom can increase your home’s value and it’s also one that with a few updates, can make you feel, well, right at home!

That’s because a new tub, a double sink or a walk-in-shower are all things that can help to increase how the space is used and give you an added sense of comfort – especially if you really want the little luxuries like a soaking tub or a marble, enclosed shower with pulsating features.

Some home owners want a general upgrade because they eventually want to sell their home and benefit from its increased value, while others plan to retire in their home and want it to have all the accoutrements! Whichever you prefer, MRM Home Remodeling & Construction is here to help.

Because we’ve worked on all types of bathroom remodeling projects in the past, we can help you make creative use of your space, evaluate storage options and even add all those little extras that will make you feel more at home. Just ask us about the various bathroom projects we’ve completed in the past and show us the ideas you have you’re your space.

We can answer all your questions and we also work with all budget types to help make remodeling affordable for you.

When you’re ready to consider a bathroom remodeling project, let us know. We can come out and tour your space and give you an estimate for our projected work. We want to help you realize your vision and your newly renovated bathroom space will provide you with the luxury and functionality that you want in your home. It’s part of your investment and we take it seriously.

Contact us today for a FREE Quote

Custom Home Additions and Remodeling

When you think of your living space, what is it that you need that will make it perfect? There is no better place to relax in than a space that you created or an addition that you added to your home. Whether you are thinking about expanding the space in your home, adding custom bookshelves and a walk-in closet, a fancy new outdoor kitchen, or you want to be able to entertain more guests in your basement, let us know.

Additions can also include outdoor spaces, new rooms, armoires, storage spaces, kitchen islands, built-in desks, bookshelves, outdoor cooking spaces and a whole lot more! Home additions can help to increase the value of your home and also help when you have a growing family and you want the home to grow with it.

The custom additions you create through home remodeling are the perfect ways to make that unfinished basement a comfortable entertainment space for the whole family and so much more. Improve the space that you live in and not only will you bring new life to your home, but you will make it the relaxing retreat you’ve always dreamed of.

At MRM Home Remodeling and Construction, we’re excited to hear about the home additions you would like to make and can’t wait to help make your dreams come true. Living spaces can be as luxurious as you want and that’s why we want to hear your ideas, see the space you have, take measurements and offer suggestions. Let MRM Home Remodeling and Construction improve the space you have. From design to completion, we are here to serve as your remodeling resource and can’t wait to talk to you. Let us help bring your dreams to life today!

Basement Renovations and Remodeling

Is your family getting bigger while your home feels smaller? Are you ready to finish your basement or fix your foundation problems? These are all great reasons to complete a basement renovation. A finished basement can increase the value to your home and by finishing your basement or installing sheet rock or tiles, this can help to give you more space that you could probably use.

Home owners with finished basements usually do a lot of entertaining from their basements and they may even add a custom made entertainment center or increase the storage in their basement. You may even want to add a room to your basement for an elderly relative, or you might want to rent out your basement space for additional income. By finishing the space or upgrading from an older style, this can give you more space for your entire family. Basements can also serve as an additional bedroom space, a laundry room area, a workout room or a home office.

If you consider the fact that basements are usually about one-third of your home’s space, then you can start to see how much space you can have if it’s remodeled.

You may need to Contact us right away

  • If you’re concerned about water damage, this is another reason to have your basement checked. Give us a call so we can take a look at it and provide you some options.
  • If you suspect you have foundation problems or you’re finding leaks and seeing signs of weather damage, you don’t want to have to deal with the costly effects of mold.

At MRM Home Remodeling and Construction, we want to see you make great use of your basement space. With a basement remodeling project, it almost pays for itself. Not only will you increase your usage space, but your cooling and heating loads are relatively low for basement spaces. When you’re ready to discuss your expansion ideas, let us know.

Stamped Concrete

While a lot of home owners are installing wood decks, they’re also finding that concrete deck work is maintenance free. As concrete patios are very popular, a lot of design shows are showing various landscaping techniques with stamped concrete.

Concrete is also growing in popularity because when you use concrete pavers and natural stone, the look can be very elegant and the possibilities are endless. If you’ve thought about landscaping work in your front and back yard, your driveway and walking areas, let us know and we can show you various design styles and sample work to consider.

Because poured concrete is one of the most decorative ways to design your outdoor space, homeowners know it will add value to their home and is also cost saving as it’s not only sturdy, but it’s relatively maintenance free.

At MRM Home Remodeling and Construction, we know that concrete patios and walkways can blend your home’s interior with your home’s exterior spaces. Spaced concrete is the perfect way to carry your design ideas outside and with so many decorative options, the possibilities are limitless! With design ideas like fire pits, outdoor kitchens, water fountains, outdoor living rooms, pool and gazebo walkways and advanced landscaping features, there are so many options to consider.

They also come in different colors to match your home and these flooring surfaces are perfect for landscaping ideas in popular materials like slate, tile, flagstone or brick.

In terms of the added value to your home, concrete is generally cheaper than wood because there’s less labor intensive work that’s needed. With the decrease in costs, this can help you to consider the perfect outdoor space that you always dreamed of! When you’re ready to start your plans, let us know!


If you are thinking about landscaping in your exterior space, consider pavers. One of the benefits to having pavers installed is they can give you a concrete sitting area that’s concrete and very functional for outdoor entertaining. You can also pick the color of the pavers to carry a stone look from inside the home to your outside sitting area.

Pavers are used for landscaping, outdoor dining, steps to a gazebo or walking path, and as solid paving for your pool area or backyard space.

Maybe you’ve watched a few design shows and you’ve fallen in love with showcased outdoor living spaces. This takes your designs to another level! Not only can you have an outdoor living room, but you can have an outdoor kitchen and enjoy relaxing times entertaining your friends and family.

Paver styles can include:

  • Devonstone Slab: Quarried stone, these are just right for larger spaces like a fire pit 0r pool area and you can pick colors like brownstone, bluestone or green slate.
  • Permeable Pavers: Perfect for walkways, these are specially made to be environmentally friendly and let rain water be reabsorbed back into the earth.
  • Conventry Pavers: Large weathered stones, these are great for outlining steps and outdoor balconies.
  • Standard Pavers: Ultra smooth, these are perfect for outdoor dining, pool areas and walkways.

Having your dream home is an investment and one of the best ways to increase your home’s value is to consider changes that will serve as upgrades to existing areas. Not only can pavers increase our home’s value, but when used to landscape the external space, they are perfect for outdoor entertaining. When you’re ready to discuss installing pavers, let MRM Home Remodeling and Construction help you.

Our Commitment to Customer Service and to You!

We take our customers very seriously and look for ways to go the extra mile in providing excellent customer service, so let us know how we can help! We’re just a phone call away. Call me directly at (610) 742-5070